When you’re ready to dive, here’s why you should learn from Liquid Earth Scuba:

● Experienced, professional staff, here to help YOU learn!

● Learn to dive with confidence! With plenty of time to practice your new skills in the comfort and
security of a pool.

● Personal attention! Teachers who love to teach, and plenty of one-to-one time with our
professional staff.

● It’s FUN!! Whether your goal is to dive local rivers and lakes or to travel to exotic locations, whether
you want to take photographs, study marine life, or just enjoy the beauty the ocean has to offer,
Liquid Earth Scuba goes the extra distance to assure that YOU are having a good time!

Learn to dive today -– Let us show you the
best of our world!
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Liquid Earth Scuba is a team of professional PADI scuba
passionate about diving, and love sharing our passion with
new divers. We love diving, love teaching diving, and